Sunday, September 03, 2006

A backyard... a bubble gun... and thou.

While in New York on a safari for the world's largest art supply store Monkey discovered a bubble gun that cost exactly as much as her allowance. Never one to pass up the chance to spend all of her allowance at once she happily purchased the longed for bubble spewing device.

Once the device began to clog and the fun to deteriorate the ever adaptable child switched to old school bubble fun.

After experiencing many hours of backyard fun and excitment we all decided it was a good investment. Enjoy the pictures, more about our weekend tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

She looks very mature in the last pic. Is NJ aging your kid?


Next thing you know, she'll be demanding the keys to the car.

Scylla said...

As an almost kindergartener, she is quite mature.

Actually she just had a growth spurt.

Paula Ebert said...

Tell us about the trip to New York!!!

Anonymous said...

Marlena looks so confident. I can see such a strong, smart person in her eyes!


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