Friday, April 20, 2007

A shower!

He slept long enough for me to get a morning shower! Yay for cleanliness!

Now I must get food.


DA said...

It's good to see Oliver at last on a chest large enough to accommodate him, even if the food service is somewhat wanting. I should be there May 15 to show him what a King-Size chest is like!
Guess what? Monday the Post is unveiling another buy-out offer, just a year after the last one. This time, I'll be 62 and it would be a lot more practical than it would have been a year ago. Probably won't take it, but if I do I might end up in law school in 08. Technically, if I took the LSAT in June, I could probably get into DU even this fall, since it technically has no applications deadline. But I doubt I would try that. Sometimes, I just feel so tired I just want to quit and hang out with my dogs.

Coni Nelson said...

I was wondering why that smell here in Colorado went away!!! I am glad you get to smell good.

Miss ya.

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