Saturday, January 05, 2008

A feel good sacrifice...

Monkey has a new look.

You may remember her previous look:

See the gorgeous long locks of hair cascading down her back?

They are no longer.

This is Monkey now:

Yup, she did it. She donated her long locks to Locks of Love. Isn't she sleek and gorgeous?
She has been talking about doing so for a while, but has not been ready to part with her mane until now. This morning, while chanting "Rats get out of my hair!" during our morning hair brushing, she decided it was time to try a lower maintenance do. Off to the mall we went, where her hair was brushed out, tied into ponytails, and ruthlessly snipped. She had a lot of hair on that little noggin, so two thick ponytails are now tied up for shipment.

She is very happy with her decision and her sacrifice, especially because another little girl became interested in donating when she saw Monkey getting her hair cut. She was very happy that she was helping kids and inspiring others to help kids.

We are very proud of her for her decision, and I look forward to mornings that aren't filled with the dreaded hair detangling.


Catherine said...

Good for Marlena! She looks so very (dare I say) grown up.

Nama said...

OMG!! She looks so gorgeous! Give Miss Bear a huge hug & tell her Nama is super proud of her & dazzled by her beauty. And I'll call her tomorrow & tell her the same things.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Caitlin will be excited to see that Marlena's is just like hers. I'll let her know in the morning.

Seems I started a little something when I lopped off my hair last year! Caitlin's friend Tara is getting ready to cut hers off as well.

Red Flashlight said...

Marlena looks fabulous like that!

Immoral Matriarch said...

She looks beautiful!!

[and I voted for your post too]

Scylla said...

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Caitlin said...

This message is for Marlena ..

I looooooooooove your new look! Caitlin

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