Friday, February 01, 2008

Haiku Friday... and Heart Health Friday!!

A few poetic
offerings to stir the soul
from a sleepy mind....

Haiku Friday

This mug of coffee
on this wet winter morning,
warms more than my hands.

Dog rudely sniffs Cat,
in an embarrassing place,
Cat looks disgusted.

Things that could kill him,
bring unending gleeful joy
to the questing babe.

A small hand soothes me,
my daughter's gentle patting,
on my weary brow.

Help men and women you love
spread the word, save lives.

Go Red


secret agent mama said...

These were great!! Mmmm coffee!!

Kathryn said...

Great haikus!
Now I have to go and refill my coffee cup!

suchsimplepleasures said...

those were great haikus.
have a great weekend!

janet said...

very well played.

suddenly i have an amazing yen for coffee... how did THAT happen? ;-)

Maria said...

Awesome - as usual!

jennifer said...

Ahh, the life of a dog!

Anonymous said...

Now, I'm feeling a Starbucks craving...hmm. We all need a few reminders to keep the ticker in check, too.

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