Monday, March 10, 2008

Funny moments...

Here are a few of the random moments I have jotted down with the laudable intention of turning them into a blog post of great humor and detail. Like all such grandiose endeavors, this idea was dashed to the ground by the time consuming and chubby fists of babyhood.

So instead I bring you Humorous Highlights from the Law and Motherhood (sanitarium) household.

In the doghouse:

Devon: "The doggie dictator Pisspot returns from the peeing fields of DogBodia!"

In the Kitchen:

Lee: "By the way honey, you look beautiful, and the house looks fantastic."
Me: pause "Why are you trying to creep me out?"

At dinner:

Me: "The meat is a little salty, I was trying to do that crust thing you do, but I don’t think it worked."
Lee: grimace "No honey, it’s fine. I like salty meat, and I think it’s really interesting how you managed to get the salt in the crust to permeate all the way through the meat. Great flavor!"

Concerning "sexual relations"

Me: "The kids are asleep... we could go fool around a little."
Lee: "Oooh, we could!.... but I was going to play World of Warcraft."
Me: "Sweet! I am almost level 43! Can you take me hunting for dragonscale?"


Woman with a Hatchet said...

Lee is going to get his Man Card rescinded for that last entry!

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